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At Air Cool Heating & Cooling Inc we install all makes and models of Air Conditioning products, from air handlers to package units. Our long lasting relationships with suppliers allow us to offer the best of every brand and our 20+ years in the industry assures that you will receive cost-efficient installation by some of the most experienced and qualified technicians in the business.
Whether you need to replace or repair, Air Cool Heating & Cooling Inc is the company to call.

19+ SEER Air Conditioners

These Deluxe Air Conditioners provide unprecedented SEER ratings of up to 22 SEER with a furnace coil up to 19. Variable speed blowers provide just the right amount of comfort when you need it. They feature high-performance compressors with overload protection, a sound blanket for extra-quiet operation, and refrigeration grade copper tubing and aluminum fin coils.

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15-17 SEER Air Conditioners

These Premium Air Conditioners offer outstanding SEER rating starting at 15 SEER with a furnace coil and up to 16 with a variable speed blower and coil. They feature a high-performance compressor with overload protection, temperature activated crank case heater, extra-quiet condenser fan, and refrigeration grade copper tubing and aluminum fin coils to improve efficiency.

14 SEER Air Conditioners

This standard unit provides outstanding value with its high-performance compressor, refrigeration grade copper tubing, and aluminum fin coils, and quiet condenser fan.

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